Covid-19 Donation Campaign Support Tuscany Hospitals

Covid-19 Donation Campaign Support Tuscany Hospitals  - Donate to be close to all those fighting against Covid-19


In these times of severe health emergency ESTAR has decided to open a dedicated bank account to raise funds for the Tuscan healthcare system.

The funds will be used to buy drugs, medical devices, personal protective equipment, and other medical equipment to face Covid-19.

All equipment (surgical masks, FPP2 FPP3 masks, suits, visors, glasses, gloves, hand-sanitizing gel, ventilators, Cpap, etc...) will be supplied to the Health Units based on their needs and in compliance with the guidelines from the Tuscan Region, ensuring the best transparency in all procedures.

We hope that companies, associations and individuals will donate to the account as an important evidence of the the
generosity and solidarity of donors across the world towards all those who are every day facing the Corona Virus disease side by side with patients.

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How to donate

If you want to support the Tuscan hospitals in their struggle against the covid-19 emergency you can donate any amount by

    Bank Transfer to ESTAR

    IBAN: IT89 Z 05034 02801 000000005970

    Banco BPM Firenze

    Piazza dei Davanzati 3 - 50100 Firenze

    Reason: Emergenza COVID-19


or Enter the amount you want to donate by credit card  DONA ORA                                                  

Then supply your personal data (name, surname, address) below and attach your receipt or send an email to with the same information. 

- Last Name and First Name / Company name

- Tax Code / VAT number

- e-Mail

- Receipt

- I hereby authorize Estar to publish my name as a donor on its website

- Send data

TRATTAMENTO DEI DATI I dati personali raccolti saranno trattati esclusivamente, per le finalità relative alla donazione, dai soggetti autorizzati afferenti agli uffici interessati, in conformità alle vigenti normative ed in particolare al Regolamento UE 2016/679 e al al D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003 n. 196 e ss. mm. ed ii. Titolare del trattamento dei dati è ESTAR. I dati, in relazione alle finalità del regolamento, possono essere oggetto di comunicazione a soggetti pubblici e/o privati, nel rispetto delle pertinenti disposizioni normative. Gli interessati hanno facoltà di esercitare i diritti di cui al Capo III del . Regolamento UE 2016/679.

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